Around the world on motorbike

Welcome to Omar Mansour website, this is my personal blog where I enjoy telling my stories and the tales of my journeys.

why i travel on motorbike

simply i love motorbikes and riding and also love travelling ,so mixed between travel on motorbike ,it is my dream since i was a kid , i don’t know why ? some people dreams is to be football player or to go the space  mine was to travel the world on motorbike

i don’t travel to say i made it from here to there ,not at all i travel searching knowledge and perhaps wisdom , i travel to meet new people and other cultures

on my blog i will try to share my trips with you ,to show you how i see things please understand  that i’m human being  i can be wrong , sure i make mistakes ,but at the end here is my own space and during my travel i will  share my own experience  , so hope you will like it and perhaps you may learn something from it ,

as im Egyptian and Arabs and yes so proud of that . Arabs were pioneers in travelling and  navigate the world

we have big names like

  • Ibn Battuta ( 1304 -1369 ) who wrote one of the most famous travel books in history, the Rihlah
  •  Ahmad Ibn Fadlan ( 10th century ) famous for his travels to Scandinavia, where he produced one of the earliest and most influential accounts of Viking culture
  • Muhammad Ibn Hawqal ( 10th century )  a writer and geographer. He spent the last thirty years of his life traveling the world. He documents his trip in his most famous work, “The Face of the Earth” (Surat al-Ardh).
  • Ahmed Ibn Majid (1421 – 1500 ) navigator and Arabic poet who is most famous for having assisted Vasco da Gama in his quest to go around the Cape of Good Hope of South Africa. He is so famous that he is known as the first Arab seaman. His best-known work is “Kitab al-Fawa’id fi Usul ‘Ilm al-Bahr wa ’l-Qawa’id” (Book of Useful Information on the Principles and Rules of Navigation), which outlines the history and basic principles of navigation
  • Muhammad Al Idrisi (1100 -1165 ) famous geographer and traveler who was a descendant of the Idrisid rulers of Morocco, and by extension, a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad. He was an inspiration to Vasco da Gama, Christopher Columbus, and Ibn Battuta. During his early life, al-Idrisi traveled throughout Europe and North Africa. he spent years compiling information on Africa, the Indian Ocean and the Far East from merchants and other travelers. He used this information to complete his crowning achievement, the Tabula Rogeriana, which is considered to be the most accurate map of its time. Largely because of this work, as well as his written text, “Nuzhatul Mushtaq,” al-Idrisi is considered by many to be the greatest cartographer of the Middle Ages.
  • Adnan Tello ( 1918 -2009 )  he is my god father  from Syria ,first Arab to travel around the world on motorbike  1957 he start to ride the world for 7 years made more than 150000 kilometer and wrote more than 4 books about his trips

and many more of travellers and navigators of course i equal big zero comparing to those golden names ,but i always wanted and dreaming  to live that expeditionary life  and here i am living my dream 

nowadays many of Arabs and Egyptian they lost the interest of travel in adventure or unusual way ( on motorbike , walking and hitch hiking  on bicycle  sailing or even by car ) of course there are few out there

so here i will try and do my best to  inspire more people to travel ,discover the world

most of posts will be in Arabic ,so you may use google translate till i find someone helping me to post in both Arabic and English at least

thank you all and please forgive me if the post is bit long



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